Republican Nazis destroy families, kidnapping kids & imprisoning parents for love

Republican Nazis destroy families, kidnapping kids & imprisoning parents for love Republicans Are Ushering In Fascism One Step At A Time

Republicans' Assault on LGBTQ People Reaches a New Authoritarian Low

Kyle Dissects 'Atrociously Stupid' 11 Point GOP Policy Plan | The Kyle Kulinski Show

Nazis are pawns of the rich, powerful, and those greedy for power (like Hitler). The Republican Nazis are torturing the downtrodden because they want to distract from the fact they have no policies which help the masses, distract from the evil that corporations and the rich and powerful do as they steal wealth and pollute and destroy the planet through climate change, and spread the "culture war" bullshit propaganda that they have Faux News and other corporations drill into the heads of the brainwashed wannabe brownshirt masses as a political football to get points and power from them.

Throw The Others under the bus, the most powerless: immigrants, minorities, gays, trans, pedos, and other downtrodden groups. Blame the victims of the wealth stealing that the billionaires and others are doing. Continue to give tax cuts to corporations and the ultra rich while raising taxes via flat taxes on everyone else: toll roads, sales tax, property tax, education tax, and all the privatized taxes paid to corporations, at the top of which sit the rich raking it all into their pockets. Meanwhile the rich themselves enjoy tax loopholes and tax cuts which only the rich can take advantage of. The ultra wealthy, millionaires and billionaires, only pay 0-4% tax many times, or have negative tax rates, while the underpaid overworked poorest struggle just to survive while paying much higher or the highest tax rates.

When embryos develop, many things can happen differently. XX embryos can have cocks and XY embryos can have pussies (look up XY/XX Syndrome). Brains can develop with testosterone to become more "male" while the genitals of the same embryo can develop into pussies rather than cocks to become more "female". Genitals can be both or be various gradations of either sex. Clits can instead be cocks and vise versa (after all, cocks are just inverted clits/pussies). All of these things can lead to someone who's genitals don't align with their brains, resulting in someone who is transsexual. This is real. This is science. One of my mates has one of the above conditions mentioned, so I should know. The truth is on our side. Hate, anti-science, and lies (their Achilles heels) are what fuels fascist Nazis who push for evil anti-trans laws like these.

I hope there is a massive backlash against these evil politicians enacting evil laws, and hope the Supreme Court rules this as the insanely authoritarian, abusive, evil, hateful, anti-freedom thing that it is, otherwise Americans need to recognize it as being illegitimate and too corrupt and broken. Those who hurt others should be stopped, and therapists who are stopping trans kids from committing suicide are the polar opposite, they're the helpers. Only evil attacks the helpers and loving parents.

Remember though, Republicans are the party of "family values". Your options are be a Nazi and side with the corrupt evil Republicans, or side with the mostly-corrupt evil Democrats who purposefully lose and kowtow to what the Republicans want because they're two sides of the same coin. Americans deserve better than to only have two horrible, evil, corrupt "options". The illusion of choice between these two is what capitalism, oligarchies, and dictatorships use to pretend they're democratic and blame the masses. When the system which gets politicians elected relies on money stolen by the rich via capitalism (corporate news media and money in politics generally), the poor masses have no real choice. It's an illusion. This is just like capitalism uses the "choice" of someone working at Walmart or working at Amazon as an excuse to blame the workers, the victims, of an abusive greedy system which allows the rich to continue stealing the wealth of everyone else.

Everyone around the world needs to fight corruption, capitalism/greed, hatred, and Nazis, and among other actions should push forward, in every way they can, uncorrupted candidates who want to enact loving policies.
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Published on 12 March 2022.
Last modified on 13 March 2022.
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