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Hi everyone! It's high time we create an opportunity for non Dutch speakers to learn more about us. That is, political party PNVD, and its board members. The PNVD has been publishing primarily in Dutch. Foreigners interested in our goals, activities, trials and tribulations, have had to rely on spotty machine translations, biased media reports, and out-of-date Wikipedia pages.

This Ask Us Anything gives you the opportunity to learn more about both our party and us. Ask as many questions as you like; don't be shy. One question per post, please, to keep unrelated questions separate. Your questions can be about the PNVD, or one or more board members. The PNVD, that was re-established on 7 August 2020, has its website at

Nelson Maatman, chairman

Ad van den Berg, vice-chairman

Norbert de Jonge, secretary-treasurer
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Published on 26 March 2022.
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