Moving to Youtube/ Channel update

Moving to Youtube/ Channel update I have not really been active on here for a lllooooonnnggg time, i think 6 months now since I did the most recent basics episode. I have been experimenting around with other types of content and I have found some that I enjoy making and can make more of. I am switching to a political streaming type channel with segments that I upload to youtube. I am going for a lefty debate bro-vibe cause I believe I can change the minds of all the current lefty debate bros if I debated them.

On my channel I already have a debate breakdown of a pedophilia debate between Hunter Avallone and Mr. Girl and should be able to consistently upload a few times a week for a while. Once I have a decent audience base I am going to try to make these anit pedo lefties debate me one on one and I WILL MAKE THEM LOOK A FOOL IN FRONT OF THEY SQUAD.

Heres the link to my channel:

so can any fans of my old content give my channel a sub, Also please shout my channel out anywhere you can, once I hit 1000 subscribers I don't think any debate channel could ignore me. I also will start streaming on youtube once I have a consistent audience on there cause I don't want to do a stream with only antis viewing.

So uh, Like Subscribe hit that bell tell your fiends, *maybe make some alts* you know, the works
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Published on 26 March 2022.
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