Recruitment Drive for PCMA MAP Activist Team

Recruitment Drive for PCMA MAP Activist Team You might have seen our previous recruitment drive, or this may be the first time you have seen us. A lot has changed in those few months since our first call to action; we have set up a team, moved server, perfected our room design and refined some of our techniques. We have had some notable successes, and even got mentioned in a major Scottish Newspaper!

So, how can I help the cause of MAPs (Minor Attracted People) and Allies?

Being visible is the first major hurdle for us as MAP Activists. Organizing is the second. Simply having a MAP-identifying account on Twitter helps our cause, but what happens when we encounter defamation and unfair censorship? That’s where our organization, PCMA, comes in.

A dynamic approach:

PCMA was founded in 2021 by a few regulars, right here on Free Speech Tube.

We have a rule that we only talk about MAP-related topics inside this group, avoiding things that threaten our unity, such as religion, politics, economics, relationships, or world views. PCMA looks like becoming the biggest MAP team effort since NAMBLA's organizing in the 1980s. When we all pull in the same direction, teamwork can make a big difference.

While we acknowledge that MAPs may have a variety of ideologies regarding law reform, we are an exclusively pro-choice group. That is to say, we limit our membership to those who support the right of younger and older people to enjoy consensual relationships, and seek to change these laws in a positive direction. If you are willing to engage in online activism via Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Youtube, Quora and so on, we will welcome you as a frontline activist. We also have less time-sensitive tasks for researchers, writers, techs and well-read individuals who prefer to work alone, rather than interacting with the public.

How we have helped activists:

We have provided visible MAPs and Activist MAPs with free, sometimes aged Twitter accounts purchased by our beneficiaries. We have debate guides, memes, graphics, a research database and training guides to aid with our transition to organized activism. We provide counsel on how to avoid censorship and protect our privacy. We provide real-time support and backup on social media threads, helping one another make the most out of our engagement.

What successes has the campaign had so far?

Whether or not you agree with the high-pressure tactics involved, we have had some success on social media, with 1000+ shares on some days and coverage in mainstream news media. We are influencing perceptions of the MAP Movement, and demonstrating that a pro-choice alternative is a serious option for the future.

We have introduced new writers to NewgonWiki – founded in 2007 – the birthplace of the modern MAP Movement and famous 2007/8 Wikipedia Campaign. We are seeking to embark on new projects such as literature reviews.

Follow these instructions to join our group of MAP Activists:

If organized activism is not for you, please do consider taking part in the community, aiming for public visibility if at all possible. Tag along in some of our threads, helping create organic engagement from intelligent MAP and Ally accounts! And remember, that a free account is always yours, if you need one. Simply being seen is an act of solidarity.
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Published on 19 May 2022.
Last modified on 3 September 2022.
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Join the largest active group of MAP Activists fighting for visibility today.
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