Antis being literal fascists

Antis being literal fascists So, I know that there are a number of antis who are literal fascists. I just came across on what looks like the typical discourse for antis on an anti-sub on reddit. A lot of antis would probably say this kind of stuff is just ironic, they just hate pedophilia so much they'll "jokingly" cop to being a nazi if someone calls their position Nazi-like. When does it stop being ironic though? If you hate pedos so much that you prefer literal Nazis to them then when does it become acceptable to just destroy democracy, start beating up lgbt people, repressing women, scapegoating jews, starting genocidal and imperialistic terror campaigns etc. Is it really far-fetched considering even pretty mainstream "normie" antis are anti-reason on this topic? That can only take one to the realm of anti-democratic thought...

Can any crime not be justified by the anti ideology? After all "if it saves just one child..."

But, we should do more to highlight the fascist tendencies among antis and not just say they are being fascist because they won't let us do what we want. Chime in if you can contribute some on this topic, I know Shoe has been a pioneer of the whole "if hating pedos makes me a Nazi then call me Joesph Goebbels" bit. She has a massive crush on Tucker Carlson and simps for Trump and the alt-right.

I'm thinking of making an image folder on anti-discourse from reddit bc it features some of the most low-IQ low-brow cold takes I've ever seen.
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Published on 29 May 2022.
Last modified on 29 May 2022.
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Questions about antis who cover up their fascism or who are fascist adjacent. How common is it for "pedo hunters" to turn out to be literal Nazis?
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