Evelien Hölsken/Free A Girl (F.A.G.) claims against Martijn "network" and FST

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Published on 2 July 2022.
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Hölsken, founder of an NGO with annual income of €2,300,000 appears to have made a series of questionable claims in a video posted on Linkedin, 4 Days ago:

*Claiming in a video that Martijn "shared tips on how to get away with abuse" (without substance).
*Claiming in the video, that "multiple members" of the network of Norbert de Jonge and Marthijn Uittenbogaard have been convicted of Child Pornography, without disclosing the multiple and the overall size of the network.
*Further, using censored screenshots of Free Speech Tube in the video to imply that the long-running clearnet site contained illicit material.
*Further, incorrectly identifying said site as being run by the disbanded Martijn "network", despite De Jonge having cut ties with it months previously.

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As we already know, there is a quite significant taint against the F.A.G Foundation's strategic partner, O.U.R - their alleged connections with the Q-Anon Movement, and the ongoing criminal investigation against them.
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